Taiwan Association of Child Development and Early Intervention (TACDEI)

Historical Background

        On June 1, 1996 in Hualien City of eastern Taiwan, Dr. Huang-Tsung Kuo and a group of specialists participating in an early intervention works for children with developmental delays established a nonprofit organization called the “Chinese Association of Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays (CAEIP)”. This Association was based on the conception of providing early intervention services for delayed developmental children and their families through passionate and earnest working attitude. The service were carried out by a multi-disciplinary team consisted of preschool and special education teachers, social workers, administrators and medical staff. It was hoped that through the coordinated work of specialists from various fields, the early intervention programs for children with developmental delays in Taiwan will be further advanced and the service system and its philosophy will be firmly established at the fastest pace.We have changed the organization’s name from “Chinese Association of Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays (CAEIP)” to “Taiwan Association of Child Development and Early Intervention (TACDEI)” in June 2016 to meet the concept of early intervention for all children as an inclusive perspective. All children and their families will be supported and served if they have developmental concerns an family needs.

        During the past 20 years, the board of directors has been reorganized five times and currently Professor Fua-Fang Liaw is serving as the board chairman of the fifth term. A total of 20 directors and inspectors serve in each tenure of the board to plan and execute proper activities for the Association. They are all outstanding specialists in the field of early intervention programs in Taiwan. In addition to promoting the right of children with delayed development, the Association has also initiated several early intervention related programs to serve the children with delayed development nationwide, organized symposium on special topics, and conducted training lectures or workshops for its members in order to uplift their professional skills. Moreover, the Association was also in charge of identification and early transition program for developmental delayed children in Nantou, Taitung and Hualien Counties as the “sole-authorized” organization.

        The early intervention centers set up by the Association in each of Nantou, Taitung and Hualien Counties offer several direct services to target children in each county every year. The accessibility and locality of the treatment resources available to the parents are the primary concerns in organizing these direct service cases in order to reduce the potential problems that might affect both parents and children arising from the limitation in transportation facilities in these remote areas. “To deepen the level of early treatment and to take a good care of developmental delayed children in the remote area” is its sacred mission, while the other striving goal of the Association would be sharing the experiences of direct services and transforming them into academic findings.


Main Objectives

l            To educate the general public to recognize the concept of early treatment and intervention for children and families with developmental concerns or those facing high risks of developing this problem.

l            To integrate all social resources in order to assist the early intervention programs for children with or facing the problem of developmental delays.

l            To help develop a life-long career plan for children with developmental concerns and their families.

l            To establish service stations equipped with sufficient resources to provide consultation and transition programs for children and families with special needs.

l            To plan and publish books and other printed matters related to early intervention programs for children with developmental concerns and their families.

l            To engage in other services related to the main concerns of the Association.


Future Outlook

        TACDEI is well prepared to introduce and execute more cost efficient early intervention program for children with developmental delays. TACDEI is also looking forward to a more close contact and cooperation between the specialists and children with developmental delays as well as their families in order to upgrade their living qualities. Through the promotion of issues related to the enhancement of early intervention program, it is hoping that the whole society in Taiwan would be more concerned with children’s health, education, welfare and other related maters. It is firmly believed that the foregoing approaches will finally transform Taiwan into a real paradise of children.



l            Mail: No.123, Huaxi,, Hualien City, Hualien County 97003,, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Taiwan Association of Child Development and Early Intervention

l            Website: http://www.caeip.org.tw

l            E-Mail: caeip@caeip.org.tw

l            Telephone

n          Hulaien Headquarter: 03-8239335

n          Nantou Center: 049-2205345

n          Tatung Center: 089-333973

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